A Little Late, but Better than Having no Idea What’s Going On!

    I continued to study JavaScript and its strange ways. I also began to study and somewhat comprehend the source code of the DSE prototype a bit more. Still, I didn’t feel very certain about how the source code operates.

    At 12:00pm, a much needed BBQ + volleyball picnic helped me de-stress a little bit. Bob is a fantastic griller, and I think more than just the interns will be returning for future BBQs. Thank you for that!

    By 1:30pm, Rory and I were back in the lab and ready to roll. Zach introduced us to a few problems that he has been working on, and asked if we could try to help. The first issue was to make the DSE deal with the blank box that appeared when an image for a day was not found (everybody hates 404). It wasn’t long until Rory the Wizard conjured up a solution. Rory managed to make the program skip the days for the pictures that were not found. For now, this is the best solution because we still cannot accurately predict all image URLs. Ideally, we would want to make sure that there are always 100 images in the array-list. If one day is removed, one day must be added onto the end to ensure that there will always be 100 pictures for the user browse.

    The second big issue is how to make the sun movable by click-and-drag. The problem here is that the DSE is simply a flipbook of images of the sun. It is not a 3D model, so “rotating the Sun” really just means flipping through the images in order. We want the user to click-and-drag like they would in Google Earth, and we want the pictures to scroll in a manner that simulates an actual rotating of a 3D sphere (bbut only in the x-direction). We did manage to make the images scroll based on the mouse’s location and Rory found a way to make the images scroll when the mouse is clicked and held at the edge of the images; however, this still remains a work in progress. Eventually, we will translate the mouse events into Wiimote events to allow functionality with the Wiimote.

    The reason why I am writing this blog post now (Sunday) is because I wanted to understand JavaScript and how the source code of the DSE works before I wrote about it. By the end of Friday I was so lost that I didn’t know what to write! Over the weekend, I watched 25 video tutorials on JavaScript and tinkered with mouse events. I am currently trying to figure out a way to better rotate the sun, and I think I have a pretty good method. Tomorrow (Monday), I hope to take the issue head on and conquer it before I leave. Wish me luck!


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