Abstract Attempt

Sun Navigator


As technology advances, the potential for educational technologies and methods expands. Today, millions of classrooms across the globe utilize technologies such as computers, smartboards, ELMOs, and tablets to deliver an increasingly immersive education. We hope to expand interest in Astronomy by designing and building innovative technologies with the goal of presenting educational informational through interactive visuals. Our latest development is the Sun Navigator, an interactive time-traveling, projection of the Sun. By utilizing the libraries of the Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO), the SuN, creates an interactive model, consisting a timeline of the images of the sun. This allows the user to go back in time and observe the Sun’s rotation. In addition to exploring the rotation of the sun, users may observe the sun under different wavelength filters and gain insight about what makes up the Sun. If successful, the Sun Navigator, will be a great stepping stone perking interest in the cosmos.


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