Fear the Sphere

The SuN  project (temporary name) is going swimmingly. Yesterday marked the end of most of the major coding hurdles, so today, we went ahead and tackled the software and hardware hurdles.

First we set up the sphere. We pumped the giant 5-ft inflatable weather balloon, and hung it from the ceiling. Next we projected screen of the laptop onto the balloon. After that, we began connecting connecting the Wiimote to the laptop, and calibrating it to the sphere using a program called “Smoothboard.” This program also enabled easy mapping of keyboard and mouse buttons to the Wiimote.

Next, we loaded the SuN Prototype source code, and re-sized the image of the Sun to fit (half of) the sphere perfectly. I have to admit, it was beautiful.

Finally, we grabbed the Wiimote, sat back, and traveled through the Sun’s history (last 100 days).

Of course throughout this process, we ran into numerous problems. For example, we realized that the images of the Sun under a certain wavelength were much smaller than the others. This made it so that this set of images did not fit the sphere as well as the others had. Secondly, while adjusting the code to leave out certain semi-functioning (or not at all) wavelength sets, some peculiar things happened happened. One or two images in a few wavelength sets somehow got a little warped/strange.

Hopefully these problems as well as a few other minor issues can be ironed out tomorrow!


Sidenote: I might add images to this blog post later. Unlike on a computer, I can’t take a screen shot of the actual sphere and room.






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