Two Birds, One Lightbox Alternative

The entire morning was spent testing various versions of Lightbox and applying the same set of solutions to the various versions. After testing for a few hours, I developed the conclusion that the .js files from the Lightbox tool kit were somehow interfering with the .js files of the SuN project. I looked up this problem on the web, and I discovered the “noConflict(boolean)” function, which has something to do with dealing with .js file program confusion. The explanations were very long and convoluted, and my attempts to implement the noConflict function did not really work at all…

Finally, I gave up on Lightbox and I decided to look for alternative methods. Zach came up with a good idea. We would overlap the images of the SuN and the instructions, but set the value of the instructions image to “false,” which would make the instructions invisible. Then we would write a function that would change the value of the instructions image to “true,” which would make it “pop-up.”  This would eliminate the need for additional .js files and avoid the conflicts with other .js files altogether.

At the same time, I found a very minimal tool kit that functioned similarly to Lightbox, but differed in its lack of .js files. By using this, I was finally able to smoothly implement the Lightbox effect while also retaining the ability to control the positioning and size of the image.







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