Bug Squishing

Meeting @ 10:30am

At the meeting today, we discussed the future of the Science Sphere Suit Case project. After reporting on our progress, we decided on individual and group roles for the different developmental stages of the project in the near future. If all goes well, ending with a complete product in a neat package within the next 3 weeks-ish is definitely doable. 

Back to Work

The instructions popup and button are finally out of the way!. In terms of user friendliness in the software, we are pretty much set. The instruction popup and button are really all the information that a user needs in order to navigate the SuN. So now, we dive right back into flattening “tiny” bugs in the code.

In particular, one “tiny” bug that needs some squishing, is the issue of not always having 100 images (days) for the user to navigate through. When an image is not found, that image (day) is skipped over. This results in a decrease of the total number of images-or days in the time-lapse.

How our code currently works:

1. populate arrays with strings of image urls (which are generated by the code)

2. load all of the images.

3. if the user flips to a day where no image exists, that image is skipped over.

Why this is such a weird issue:

We have no way of finding out which image urls do not link to an image before they are loaded. As a result, we have no way of knowing how many images urls are broken and need to be replaced. We have to be able to find out how many images are broken in step 1, so that while populating the array of images, we can continue adding images until 100 non-broken image urls are in the array. 

I’m currently very stumped on this issue. There seems to be no way to determine the validity of an image url before it is loaded. 


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