The Morning of Meetings

This morning was basically one long meeting with small intermissions. We started the day with a slightly extended intern meeting that included a progress update from all of the interns and I. Then, after returning to the lab for a few minutes, we got ready and left for the weekly Tuesday Insight Lab meeting. This week’s meeting, however, was a little bit different.

Apparently, the question of “who is in charge of the Insight Lab and REU students?” still has no full answer(?). I don’t really know what is going on, but the future of the Insight Lab is looking pretty non-existent. What I do know is that there will be lots of work to do in the last couple of weeks because the Insight Lab will be discontinued in the fall when classes start. Not only will we have to refine and polish our current projects, but it looks like we will have to revive a few older ones as well.

For the sake of finalization and the need to wrap things up, we have decided to rename the SuN (Sun Navigator) to STN (Sun Time-Lapse Navigator). Sun Navigator was a little too vague and general, and it did not suggest that the program has anything to do with the Sun’s history. With that decided (finally), we could now create a logo/icon for the project.

STN LiveSTN Offline

We still have a few finishing touches to make on the STN, namely just adding more wavelengths to the offline mode. After that, we’re revisiting the old projects.


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