Preparing to Pass the Baton

We are now at that “exciting” stage of development that includes making sure that the potential users and future programmers who may adopt and add to the project, will understand how to set up and use what we have made.

This includes:

  • Going through our source code and commenting on how it works
  • Streamline and simplify the process of setup ( eg. Adding icons for straight forward launch)
  • Writing up instruction manuals on how to set things up
  • Record supplementary video tutorial
Aside from that, we are still adding more wavelength sets to the newly renamed STN. We have made this process very easy, so future project members should be able to add more wavelength sets if any more are available in the future. The only downside is that the process is pretty time consuming, but it is worth it because it only has to be done once for each new wavelength.
Other than that, the path ahead of us is not too meandering.

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