happiness is pool noodles

We kicked the day of with a final round of wavelength image set additions to the Offline version of the STN. There really is nothing interesting about the process of adding wavelength sets, but the final product is well worth the bore of the chore. By 2:00 pm, we added one more single wavelength set, along with two additional wavelength composite image sets. The wavelength composite images are basically just single wavelength images “stacked” on top of each other to form one super image. Think of them like this:

latest_512_0211 + latest_512_0193 + latest_512_0171 = f_211_193_171_512

So now, the Offline version of the STN offers a total of 10 wavelength sets, and the Online version offers a total of 4 wavelength sets. This brings our grand total currently available to the user, to 14 wavelengths. For now, I think this should be enough.

We have also given up on waiting for the PVC piping that we ordered to come in. We were going to construct an improved stand for the giant 5-ft inflatable sphere to rest on. The problem with the old stand (which was just a PVC cube) was that even the slightest disturbance in the force would make it fall and roll/bounce away. It would probably even fall if you just stared at it for too long. The PVC piping that we ordered was probably lost in the void while being shipped, so we decided to take apart the old stand and redesign the stand.

We came up with the idea of utilizing the flexibility of pool noodles to “hug” the sphere in order decrease the sphere’s sensitivity to impact. After acquiring “The Almighty Credit Card,” we made a quick visit to Walmart and picked up two pool noodles on sale for $2 each. We then cut the pipes to a more useful length, and then after removing the top face of the PVC cube, we just stuck them onto the open legs. I’m terrible at describing things, so here’s a visual:


setting it up is as easy as it looks

And so the question is, “did it work?”


I pushed as hard as humanly possible

Yup. There are also some side “benefits” to using the pool noodles, such as acting as packaging fillings in the suitcase. The pool noodles were cut to a length that not only would fit perfectly into the suitcase (to act as an effective filling), but also so that it would not interfere with the images projected onto the sphere. Also, the old cube design was difficult to assemble because it required tying a system of bungee cords inside the PVC pipes to hold the cube together.

Also the assembled cube definitely wouldn’t fit in the suitcase, so the user would end up having to having to do the not-very-fun assembling of the cube. The new design eliminated the need for the user to wrangle with bungee cords because we have already bungee’d the four base PVC pipes together and even when bungee’d, it will still fit in the suitcase. The four-piece base is just a flat (2D) face of a cube, so unlike an entire 3D cube, the pre-assembled base will fit fine in the suitcase. That wraps up another super productive Monday!


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