Presentation Consultation

After finishing the first draft of the presentation for the symposium, we asked Bethany, Bob, and Dave to take a look and critique our work. In practice, we went through the presentation in 9-10 minutes. But when we presented to Bethany, Bob, and Dave, we took just 8 minutes. Uh oh…

So we spent the next many minutes with Bethany, Bob, and Dave, going through our presentation and making adjustments. With their help and constructive criticisms, we identified our main issues.

Our main issues were:

  • Too short/fast (goal = 12 minutes)
  • “Story-line” is hard to follow
  • Lacking visuals of actual setup + parts
  • Not very exciting
  • A few redundant slides

For the next couple of hours, we revamped our presentation. Dave graciously came down to take a look at our new and improved presentation. This time, we finished in 13 minutes. After a few more helpful tips from Dave, we were set to go.

I think we are very ready for the Symposium tomorrow!


*Thank you Bethany, Bob and Dave for your help!


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