Free Food!


The RIT Inn & Conference Center

While we do usually have “free” food on Fridays at the barbecue, we don’t usually have free catered breakfast AND lunch. The RIT Conference Center/Inn, had delicious muffins for breakfast and lots of other fancy stuff for lunch. Not bad for “free food.”

At the Undergraduate Research Symposium, there were two very interesting main talks from accomplished RIT alumni, The first (at breakfast) was Erhardt Graeff, a Ph.D Student and Researcher at the Center for Civic Media at MIT. He talked about his journey throughout education and the eventual creation of “The Awesome Foundation.” The second speaker (at lunch), was Professor Rick Kittles, associate professor in the Department of Medicine and the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He talked about the National Human Genome Center and his role in it, as well as the history of race in science. It was a very interesting talk about a very interesting and deeply rooted topic.

Throughout the day, we hopped from presentation to presentation and learned about the various projects and research efforts by undergraduates from around the nation. The topics and fields covered at the Symposium were far and varied. It was amazing to see so many different branches of research in one day.

At 3:15pm, it was time for us to present. Just like Bethany, Bob, and Dave said, it was over in a flash. Overall, I think we did pretty well.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Maryam’s presentation about Gaze Analysis on 3D Reconstructed Scenes because she presented at 3:00pm.

The Undergraduate Research Symposium was a very unique and great experience that I was very fortunate to be a part of.


David had organized a fun Friday movie night in the fishbowl. When we returned to the CIS, we headed to the Fishbowl, where we prepared to watch Star Wars Episode IV. And what do you know? MORE FREE FOOD! David and the grad student Matt, had arranged for pizza to be delivered for the movie.

Watching Star Wars IV was a good idea for me because the last time I watched it was when I was maybe 5-6 years old. I learned that I really don’t know what happened in the original Star Wars trilogy. I’m going to have to watch episodes V and VI soon!

When you have free Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in one day, you know that it was a good day!

*Once again, thank you to Bethany, Bob, and Dave


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